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Door Closer, LCN, A Type, 4041R

H&S Item#: HC4041R

Manufacturers# / Alternative Model#: LC-P4041XP-689 4041R 4040XP

Product Description

Universal. Reversible, non-handed. Closer cylinder constructed of high strength cast iron for extra durability. Tested to 10,000,000 cycles. Fully adjustable 1-6 spring strength to suit door size and site conditions. Shipped set to size 3. Standard closer offers 3 installation options. Regular (Pull side). Top Jamb (Pull side). Parallel Arm (Push side). Independent adjustment valves for adjusting backcheck, closing and latching speeds. All adjustment valves are concealed behind the cover to prevent tampering. Joints in arms and shoe brackets adapt to uneven mounting surfaces. Fast adjust dial (fast accurate spring tension) to help installers accurately adjust the closer to match the conditions of the application. As spring power is adjusted, the size appears on the face of the dial. Stick-on template for fast, accurate installation. Cuts installation time in half. Closers installed according to LCN installation instructions require minimal periodic maintenance or adjustments.

Brand: LCN
Type: A
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