• Liquid Odor Counteractant w/OCP, Green Apple

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Liquid Odor Counteractant w/OCP, Green Apple

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Product Description

This is not a mask or cover up. It is an odour counteractant that selectively filters out a broad spectrum of malodours allowing only the pleasant odour to be perceived. This filtering effect eliminates perceived odour problems from the environment and replaces them with a fresh clean scent. It is Versatile: mixes with water & cleaning solutions for use anywhere there is an odour problem. Formulated with OCP for long-lasting, institutional strength odour counteraction. Non-staining when used as directed. Non-ionic, non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable. Economically concentrated: 1 to 2 oz / gallon.

Size: 18.9L
Brand: Natural Products
Type: Liquid
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