• Hose, Gilmour, Soaking, 5/8" x 50'

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Hose, Gilmour, Soaking, 5/8" x 50'

H&S Item#: CSO136

Manufacturers# / Alternative Model#: 827501-5001 827501

Product Description

5/8" x 50'. Ideal for new plantings, shrubs, bushes and raised beds. Water is released from a flexible, vinyl hose directly into the soil, sparing leaves of droplets that cause plant diseases. Water without waste by delivering a steady stream no faster than the ground can absorb it, deep into the soil-not pooling on top of it. Weather-resistant vinyl material maximizes flexibility and stays put above ground or buried. Snake through rows of new seedlings or under mature plantings for efficient, deep watering.

Type: Hoses
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